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Annette Kelm
Annette Kelm
Reviewer #1
Annette Kelm, detail from “Untitled (Drift Wood Lamp)”, 2010

My first impression upon entering this show was of yet more conceptual bullcrap, featuring assorted pictures of everyday objects, carefully placed around the room, with no apparent rhyme or reason. But as I began to look more carefully I realized the artist was starting to address issues, that, while not exactly provocative, are at least issues that one hasn’t really thought about too much recently.

The largest piece in the show is a series of 6 C-Prints of a driftwood lamp. In each picture the lamp is tilted at a different angle, as if captured toppling over. The artist, however, has placed the prints out of sequence, thus bringing into question the inevitability of the force of gravity on everyday objects. Because the prints have large areas of white seamless in the background, the installation also highlights the rather odd lighting system in the gallery, which combines florescent and incandescent light and results in patches of warm halogen alternating with cooler ‘daylight’ white. Finally the piece raises the question of whether the artist used an armature pushed through the seamless, or whether she relied on prop wax. All issues raised in less than a minute!

It has been at least 50 years since Andy Warhol first started to make the concept of the banal interesting, and almost 100 since DuChamp placed the mundane on a pedestal. So it is mildly interesting that in 2010 there are still artists exploring these ideas. This show is as good an example of moving from the mundane to the banal and back again as I have seen in some time.

Annette Kelm

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