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Collier Schorr
Collier Schorr
Journals and Notebooks
Reviewer #1
Collier Schorr, Johann Repairing The Wall,

This is a very slight show, in a large space, that gives a poor impression of an artist who has done interesting work over the last 10 years or so. An American living in Germany, Collier Schorr, has been creating an imaginary history and documentation of the small town where she lives. Previous shows have been particularly preoccupied by teenage boys and young men, often soldiers, and the one affecting piece in this show returns to that theme. “In the World” is a short video, seemingly taken on the sly, of a gangly teenage boy. First seen lying on a blanket at a popular lakefront beach, the boy wakes up and, as he sits, it becomes apparent that he has some neuromuscular problems. Girls pass by in the background and the film ends with the boy staring out at the beach with a particularly rigid and touching gaze.

The rest of the show has odds and ends, variations on a theme of flowers on a clothes line, two nice pictures that include painted plaster or cement walls, giving a painterly illusion to the color prints.

Perhaps the saddest piece is the second video, a rather inept hand-held one of an earlier exhibition that seems to have been filled with many more pictures.

Overall, this show gives the impression of a journal that had a few entries early in January and then a lot of blank pages.

Collier Schorr
Journals and Notebooks

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