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Mary McCartney
From Where I Stand
Mary McCartney. “Tracy as Frida”, 2000

There are certain advantages to being the daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney, as Mary McCartney makes very clear in “From Where I Stand.”

In fact, the title of her exhibition spells it out. Most of the 21 images demonstrate the photographer’s unique perspective on the world of celebrity and fashion with its privileged access to an assortment of bold-faced names, backstage dressing rooms, catwalks and other glamorous venues. Would McCartney have gotten so close if her last name were Smith or Jones? Not likely. But if her name opened a few doors, her talent kept them open.

Among the images in this show are casual portraits of Joni Mitchell (2001), Gwyneth (Paltrow) as Madonna (2004), and Lizzie Jagger (2003) captured in the midst of a big laugh–a candid moment worth keeping. There are a few others here, but just a few. The image of Sir Paul on horseback galloping toward the camera is not one of them.

What captured my interest overall was the exhibition’s diversity. There’s really something for everybody here: celeb portraits, a few fashionista images and backstage voyeur shots, and a fashion shot entitled “Victoria Plays Pool.” Most surprising were a few fine art images—“Butterfly in Pool,” “London and “Beach House,” a favorite. This last one is unlike everything else and that’s what made it special. Mary’s mom, who was an accomplished photographer in her own right, and who died in 1998, would have been pleased.

 by unidentified photographer.
Mary McCartney, “Sunset Ride”, 1999

Mary McCartney
From Where I Stand

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