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The Bright Forest
Ichigo Sugawara
The Bright Forest
Ichigo Sugawara, “Shodon 02”, 2002

Ichigo Sugawara is a Japanese import, the result of a partnership between Sous Les Etoiles gallery and Gallery 21 in Tokyo. Bottom line: You show our artists and we’ll show yours. So here’s “The Bright Forest,” an exhibition that attempts to go back to nature, or at least Sugawara’s interpretation of it. He admits he is prone to reflection, preferring the contemplative life to one of instant gratification.

This philosophy may take a while to grasp since Sugawara says that for him, photography is not a way of portraying an object but a way of reacting to it. To help him see his work in a new light, Sugawara explored the use of various wet collodion processes and created a brand new process that combines digital techniques with the glass emulsion.

 by unidentified photographer.
Ichigo Sugawara, “Eisyouji Wabisuke”, 2005

In “The Bright Forest,” he shows nature as a series of Pillars ranging from the Piazza di San Marco to the Tsubaki as a sacred place and mystical experience. What you will also see are delicate platinum prints of flowers and leaves in what he calls the Tsubaki series. There is undoubtedly something lost in translation in deciphering the meaning of this work–- thus, viewers must look hard to see the artist’s light in the bright forest and let the images speak for themselves.

Ichigo Sugawara
The Bright Forest

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