New York Photo Review
Volume 4 Issue 2 January 10 to 16, 2013

The Genetic Wars by Barbara Confino

Foto-Fiction #1
 by Barbara Confino.

In the Society of X no one remained immune to the allure of the Games.

Originally a therapeutic practice encouraging the externalization of internal conflicts, the Games had evolved into public sporting events of virtually universal appeal. Thoroughly smitten, the population raced to attend these world-class contests in which players fought aspects of themselves to the death.

All attempts by the Authorities to impose limits came to nothing.

In some odd and perverse fashion, the Games calmed the grosser impulses of the crowd, who found, if ever so briefly, a sort of peace.

Foto-Fiction #1 by Barbara Confino

Barbara Confino is an artist and writer whose work is housed in such collections as The Bibliotheque Nationale de France and the British Museum. Her graphic history, The Genetic Wars, can be viewed at Her writings on art and culture have been published in ArtsCanada and The Village Voice among other publications. She is currently associate editor for The New York Photo Review.

Making Caribbean Dance by Susanna Sloat
Photographs by Norman Borden