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Richard Mosse
The Fall
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Richard Mosse is an Irish photographer who graduated from the Yale photography program in 2008, and has since has been traveling around the world to photograph first airplane crash sites, then the blasted and bullet-hole ridden wrecks of cars and trucks in Iran. He was embedded with the US military there, so there are also some some documentary type photos of soldiers lounging around amidst the wreckage tacked on to the show. The best large-format images capture the bizarre sight of silver metal aging in overgrown, remote areas, some with traces of graffiti left by adventurous taggers. In Iran, the images of bullet-ridden cars capture the sheer force of hundreds of bullets, seemingly all coming from one source, ripping through their target.

The wreck pics are blown up to about 90 x 90 inches, and shame on the gallery for doing that. Mosse doesn’t yet have the technical chops of say an Edward Burtynsky or Andrew Moore and these big prints reveal an unpleasant glop to anyone who gets too close. The pictures themselves are pretty good of their type, although I didn’t realize until I had read the press materials later that the show “is a photographic survey of our historic unconscious.”

Richard Mosse
The Fall

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