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Abelardo Morell
Abelardo Morell
The Universe Next Door
Kathleen Mahoney-Cobb
Abelardo Morell, Camera Obscura: View of the Manhattan Bridge- April 20th/Afternoon, 2010

Abelardo Morell's exhibition at Bryce Wolkowitz The Universe Next Door (a companion exhibition to Rota at Bonni Benrubi in midtown) is a vivid and remarkable exploration of the impact of the outside world on our most personal interior spaces. By cleverly turning each space into a camera obscura, Morell brings the outside in, and transforms interiors into fantastical places full of intimacy and vitality. Each image comes across as a true portrait of that place, and gives the viewer a glimpse into what it is like to inhabit these spaces as well as the psychological affects of the exterior landscape its inhabitants.

Morell invites us to view the fall colors of Central Park splashed across gray and white walls in a darkened room, the sweep of the Manhattan Bridge over a simple chez, and the rolling hills of Italy over beds and bookshelves.

The images seem to glow, to breathe, to have a life of their own thanks to Morell's skillful and painstaking use of not only the camera obscura but the view camera as well. Each image is rich with color and detail and is presented in large scale (up to 50'' x 60'') making them truly breathtaking to behold.

Abelardo Morell
The Universe Next Door

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