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Tribble & Mancenido
Hurry Up & Wait
Reviewer #1
Tribble & Mancenido, Mathaniel “shorty” Baker, Rising Fawn, GA, 2009

It’s seems a bit problematical when a show comes with an old cliche as it’s title. Is it meant to be ironic? Or is it really an indicator of the kind of show it will be. Sadly, in the case of ‘Hurry Up and Wait’ its the latter. The show comes with a story line: New York artist leaves the effete art world behind and heads out on the road to discover America. Hmm, heard that one before? Wait, this time there are two photographers who work together as a team, and they support themselves as long-haul truckers. Movie rights anyone?

The report back is that life on the road is boring. The most interesting pictures in the show are of individual truckers, alone in fields or truck-stop lots. Shot from a distance of 12 or 18 feet, these are lonely men, who spend far too much time listening to talk radio. There is little reason to get closer.

The rest of the show has random glimpses of life from the cab, a gleaming speedometer at night, safety reflectors on the road, the sheen of oil on asphalt. Once again we see the beacon of a well-lit gas station at night. The message to New Yorkers – stay at home and maybe mosey over to the Whitney to see the Lee Friedlander show to see how it should be done.

Tribble & Mancenido
Hurry Up & Wait

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