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Martin Schoeller
Close Up
Martin Schoeller, “Clint Eastwood, Close-up” 2008

Hasted Hunt continues its exhibition of Martin Schoeller’s in-your-face signature style of portraiture in its back room with a small show of large images entitled “Close-Up.” It consists of twelve color images that helped Schoeller define himself as an artist while giving him the opportunity to tell everyone from Clint Eastwood to Alan Greeenspan to look at the camera and don’t smile. These headshots really are close-up; they offer the rare opportunity to see a celebrity as if you saw them looking in a bathroom mirror. You would need to have lunch with Clint Eastwood to be close enough to see his bushy eyebrows flopping over his eyes, a mole near the right side of his mouth. Is this the real Dirty Harry? Yes, indeed. Or take a look at Bill Murray’s face. You can count the whiskers and see the bumps and lumps. The 2008 “Sarah Palin” is a completely different experience, and priced at $6,000 for a 43 x 35 inch print (edition of 7.) Or sadly, there’s a portrait of the late Dennis Hopper on display, the 61 x 50 inch print (edition of 3) was sold for $9,500. The most amusing juxtaposition is the image of Alan Greenspan wearing his 1970s era glasses next to one of Paris Hilton. It’s probably as close as most people will ever get to either of them and that’s probably the way they want it. “Close-Up” is a revealing show, perfect for summer viewing

Martin Schoeller
Close Up

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