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Jack Pierson
Go There Now and Take This With You
Reviewer #1
Jack Pierson, “Quiet Road”, 2010

Jack Pierson made quite a splash a few years ago with his “Self-Portrait” series of photographs of attractive young men. In this show he eschews portraiture and instead presents a series of landscapes and details from what seems to be New England and the Mediterranean. The images are printed large and then folded a few times to suggest that they could be mailed somewhere, and they are presented unfolded but simply tacked to the walls. Pierson is not a slacker photographer in the popular mode; each of the images is carefully composed and carefully printed in rich saturated tones. Each could easily find a home in the pages of an upscale travel and lifestyle magazine.

The images are peaceful, and yet this is an irksome exhibition. Does it really matter that these high-grade stock photos sell for fifteen to twenty thousand dollars apiece? It might be the faux populism of folding the pictures to look like posters that rings falsely. (The prints probably cost a few hundred dollars apiece to produce, so folding one is not that big of a deal.) I think it is closer to home, I mean gee, I have thousands of pictures from my vacations myself, right here on my computer, complete with memories. They are set up as a screen-saver. Come by sometime and I’ll show them to you and we can talk about life and love – for free.

Jack Pierson
Go There Now and Take This With You

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