New York Photo Review
Volume 3 Issue 16 May 2 to 8, 2012

Individual Havens
Sarah Kaufman
Recent Work
Untitled (Small Sunset) by Sarah Kaufman. Source:
Sarah Kaufman, "Untitled (Small Sunset)"

The wonderfully crafted photographs on display at Soho Photo Gallery were the result of the artist being asked by her teacher, Larry Sultan, why she photographed people without their clothes. Unable to come up with a valid answer she was advised by her teacher to think long and hard about it before continuing.

The resulting color photographs are investigations into the psychology of personal space and the human form sans persona. The costumes we all must wear on a daily basis are shed, both literally and figuratively. The subjects are caught absorbed in small and utterly human acts; washing, lounging, or just deep in thought peering out a window or within the fog of cigarette smoke. The natural light streaming in through windows are as much a part of the photographs as the human figures. The light is comforting and enveloping and enhances the feeling of safety and absorption that flows throughout this series of photographs.

The deceptively simple compositions allow us glimpses of individual havens where, alone and free of social constraints, the subjects are able to be truly themselves. That Sarah Kaufman is able to achieve this degree of intimacy is testament to the skill of this young artist.

Sarah Kaufman
Recent Work

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