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Linda Stillman
Found New York
Linda Stillman, Found: Brown Glove, Madison Ave., 2009/2010.

“Found New York” is street photography in every sense of the word and that is not necessarily a good thing in this instance. Linda Stillman, who says she’s interested in “everyday, often meaningless or overlooked objects,” has chosen to photograph things she found on the streets of New York, with her feet playing a supporting role. She says, “I include my feet to inject the idea of my experience.” The found objects idea is a good one, but Stillman doesn’t take it very far. Of the fifteen 19” x 24“ color images in the exhibition, ten of them contain gloves—singles or pairs. I get it—this show is not about the gloves per se but still, aren’t there other meaningless objects waiting to be found on city streets and sidewalks? A kid’s pacifier? A shoe? Frankly, after viewing the third glove image, I was hoping for more “found art” as Stillman puts it. For me, the best image in the series was a single brown glove haphazardly draped over one of those foot high fences used around trees to protect them from dogs. I also liked the hand-lettered captions under each image that showed where the object was found. Example: “glove, red, left. 42nd St. subway” It made the image seem more real and helps fulfill Stillman’s desire to document everyday life.

Linda Stillman
Found New York

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