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Sharon Harper
One Month, Weather Permitting
Reviewer #1

One of the abiding strengths of photography is that there is an apparent truthfulness in the images, there appear to be forces at work making the image that are stronger than the will of the artist. Although this is a patently foolish belief, there are of course large elements of truth to it as well. Sharon Harper has produced a series of images that are quite dependent on our belief in photography as an honest recorder of fact.

Working over a monthlong period in the Canadian Rockies, she produced a series of images derived mostly from long night-time exposures of the sky. Star-tracks, airplanes, maybe a few meteors make their appearance. Clouds crossing the sky block the stars for minutes at a time, causing their tracks to break.

These are simple pleasures, and of course that is something that can not be tolerated. So the exposed film from one night is taken out on a second or sometimes a third night, and the sky seen from a different angle is exposed. The images are more complex, the star tracks criss-cross the sky. the milky way brightens another corner of the negative. And the earth continues to turn.

Maybe the images would have been more moving or striking if they were prepared with more care, the apparent graininess of the film on these moderately sized prints seems to rival the number of stars in the sky - unless that is what they are.

Sharon Harper
One Month, Weather Permitting

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