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“Gaze” is definitely worth a look. Featuring 22 diverse images by Lee Friedlander, Jocelyn Lee, Diane Arbus, Katy Grannan, Lisette Model and Susan Paulsen, “Gaze” explores the interactions and relationships between photographer and subject; viewers must then decide how the subject’s gaze affects them. For example, in one Friedlander self-portrait, he’s sitting in the driver’s seat of a car, staring through the windshield with a weird, glazed look. What’s the story here? No answers. Friedlander makes you wonder. So does Jocelyn Lee in a full-length color portrait of “Janet in blue lingerie” staring out a window, her aloneness palpable. In Diane Arbus’s four iconic images, including “Woman With Veil on Fifth Avenue” who looks directly into Arbus’s lens, her subjects can hide nothing from her. As is the case in nearly all of this exhibition’s portraits, whether of people or pets (i.e. Paulsen’s cat and dog and Lisette Model’s subjects and camera angles) the viewer becomes aware of the photographer’s presence through the intimacy of the subject’s gaze.


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