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Elisabeth Molin
reviewer #1

This small, informal show by the Danish photographer Elisabeth Molin is real delight on a Winter day. Straight-forward color photographs that have the look of highly photoshopped hyper-reality, are on closer inspection just your ordinary every-day hyper-reality. Molin plays with our expectations, a woman standing in front of a checkerboard background, seems to have had the lenses of her oversize eyeglasses cut out on the computer to reveal the background layer, but instead is actually wearing checkerboard glasses. Another picture shows the face of a man who seems to have suffered the indignity of having a Photoshop “artistic” filter applied to his portrait, but on closer look is actually covered with layers of bandaids -just a bad day at the shaving mirror it appears.

Molin’s wit is dry and never pushed too hard. It’s a little bit like the cartoon competition at the back of the New Yorker, the situations are droll, and the captions are wisely left to the viewer to invent.

Elisabeth Molin

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