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David Maisel
Library of Dust
Reviewer #1

‘Library of Dust’ is a bit misleading as a title for this show, as it is really a catalog of corrosion. (A catalog of corrosion of copper, ‘cremains’ canisters, if you must.) Maisel discovered these urns in a damp vault in a former Oregon insane asylum and then photographed them in a bright studio-like setting against a black backdrop. The very large sized prints then present the canisters as gigantic monoliths encrusted with intense, multicolored mineral deposits. Very colorful, you wonder what happened to that post-it warning him never to turn the saturation control past 11.

One wonders what the audience for these particular pictures really is (there was a least one $15K red dot evident.) Is it extremely hip funeral parlors? Basement waterproofing companies? At least it’s reassuring to know that yet another small part of that great photographic project, cataloging every conceivable object in the world, has been done.

David Maisel
Library of Dust

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