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Wolfgang Tillmans
reviewer #1

Wolfgang Tillmans sure gets around. He still gets out to a few love parades, and for some reason he still visits the occasional dance club, but he has been expanding his vision as well. He has some nice pictures from his trips to Varanasi and Shanghai and has even done a little nature photography with a cute little mammal in a tree. And then who is that baby and mom in the big picture by the door?

As in the past he seems to have trouble focusing on any one thing for too long, but at least he’s treating his prints a little better than he used to, no more scotch tape, they now hang primly from archival holders. Although this reviewer didn’t notice it at the gallery, I’m sure there must be someone who is outraged by his placing pictures all over the wall and not putting them in frames.

The sad fact is that Tillmans is treading water, the institutional critic of twenty years ago has become the institution. In the age of, where thousands of new pictures are being uploaded as you read this review, the need to be reminded that there are billions of possible pictures in the world is not that great.

Wolfgang Tillmans

Andrea Rosen Gallery
525 W 24th St.
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212 627 6000

Friday, January 29 to
Saturday, March 13, 2010