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Daido Moriyama
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Daido Moriyama has a respected place in the history of post-war Japanese photography, and the back room of this show offers many examples of why. Although he was a fairly successful commercial photographer, his personal images of desolate areas on the outskirts of various Japanese cities, his obsessive photography of images of beautiful women found on desolate walls and in tawdry markets, and his generally bleak, grainy view of the post-war miracle, found a appreciative niche among both Japanese and foreign viewers. (The name of his gallery in Tokyo is translated as the Rat Hole Gallery.)

Now we step back into the first gallery at Luhring Augustine and flash forward thirty years. Moriyama is still shooting 35 with TMax or maybe Neopan and still pushing it 3 or 4 stops too far, but now the negatives have been enlarged to absurd sizes, pushed together around the room, and we get to follow him on a holiday trip to Hawaii! Palm trees, images of girls painted on walls, tourists, mountains, kids playing on the beach. Frankly, the images look better on the web than at the gallery, but really, someone should have said no before they were blown up to 5 feet across.

Daido Moriyama

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