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Margaret de Lange
Reviewer #1

There are two large unacknowledged presences at the doorway to this small gallery, the first is pedophilia and the second is Sally Mann. Let’s get the first out of the way first. If you are a pedophile and have a romantic sensibility in art, these pics are for you. Two young girls romping about in the Norwegian forest, often naked, growing up in the semi-darkness. For the rest of us, these are finely printed photos of two young girls growing up in the dark and mysterious forests of Norway. More disturbing than any erotic charge is the undeniable romantic vision. Although Margaret de Lange, the girl’s mother, describes the images as “representative of a typical Norwegian childhood,” she also presents the girls as creatures out of Scandinavian folklore, scampering about in the twilight –there are touching close-ups of scarred knees and dreamy naps in the weeds. You begins to wonder, have these girls never heard of Hello Kitty? Did they always forget their mp3 players?

Oh. and Sally Mann, well of course she was there. Mann’s vision is a little more expansive, her compositions are a little more off-kilter and Mann would never allow things to be become quite so bitter-sweet.

Margaret de Lange

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