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Elisabeth Subrin
Her Compulsion to Repeat
Reviewer #1

This show is essentially a video installation with a few photographs made from video or film stills and offered for sale as souvenirs. These photographs are poorly printed, mean and dispiriting items, and this reviewer had to force himself to look at them for more than a few seconds.

One of videos on the other hand was quite interesting, “Lost Tribes and Promised Lands” is a split screen affair with scenes shot in the streets of the East Williamsburg section of Brooklyn during October of 2001 on the left screen and then the same scenes shot in the fall of 2009 on the right. Most of the scenes were shot just a few blocks away from my former studio, and since I left the area about 5 years ago it was great to see how things had changed in the meantime. I knew that the deli-owner (what was his name?) had bought Joe Cerrano’s building, but it was sad to see that Joe’s little monuments to the Virgin and the President were really gone. The other interesting thing, at least during the first viewing, was that there was always a chance of seeing yourself just walking by on the sidewalk. This didn’t happen though, and I don’t know if the video would be of much interest to anyone else.

The other videos seemed to be about Art, but both seats were occupied while I was there. Could it be that the two people, who should both have been wearing tweed jackets, and who were both writing things in notebooks, were part of the installation? Let me know if they’re still there if you go.

Elisabeth Subrin
Her Compulsion to Repeat

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