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Marco Delogu
Cardinals and Criminals
Marco Delogu

Normally, you wouldn’t think of Vatican cardinals and hardened criminals from Rome’s Rebibbia prison as having anything particularly in common except maybe a first or last name, but that’s not how Marco Delogu, a well-known Italian photographer, views them in this modest exhibition of twenty 6” x 8” black and white images.

Delogu photographed the cardinals sitting in their private chapels and Vatican apartments, their station in life revealed by their cloaks and surroundings. They look like clergy. Next to them are portraits of convicted criminals, some shown behind bars–they include three murderers, a prostitute and one convicted of “various violent crimes.” In the criminal series, the lighting with deep shadows and thoughtful poses or stares, almost lets you forget their true identities. The most striking image is one of a criminal holding a large crucifix. His T-shirt reads, “Beer Helps.” This man is no saint.

 by unidentified photographer.
Marco Delogu

With so much good and evil hanging in one gallery, what can these people have in common except their existence in worlds most of us will never know. That seems to be the point Delogu is trying to communicate. Cardinals and convicts both live in unique social structures with rules that are imposed by a higher authority they have no control over. But do we or should we really care?

Despite the photographer’s good intentions, one leaves this exhibition feeling detached from the people and the work.

Marco Delogu
Cardinals and Criminals

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