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Paul Newman - The Early Years
E. Peter Schroeder
Paul Newman - The Early Years
E. Peter Schroeder, Paul Newman, New York City, 1953

There may be a lot of celeb glamour in the Leica gallery right now, but if you hunger for more, there’s something really special in Leica’s Oskar Barnack Room adjacent to the Life show.

Photographer E. Peter Schroeder was privy to Paul Newman’s early years – the period before his name became synonymous with blue eyes and Hollywood. He went to Kenyon College with Newman. After they both graduated, he photographed Newman filming Picnic and The Desperate Hours: backstage, in his dressing room, on vacation and in New York.

While modest in scope, “Paul Newman-The Early Years” is a strong series of candid black and white photographs that only hints at the fame and celebrity to come.

Schroeder, for his part, became a corporate photographer for IBM for 30 years and also freelanced for Life, Time, Sports Illustrated and other publications.

E. Peter Schroeder
Paul Newman - The Early Years

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