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Empire State in Water

The New York Photo Review
2010 - 2016

The New York Photo Review has come to the end of it's run. This provides an excellent opportunity for me to publicly thank all the wonderful and talented people who have worked and contributed to this project over the years.

Special Thanks to Senior Editor Barbara Confino

and contributing editors

Norm Borden, Ed Barnas and Cindy Trinh

and all the writers and contributors who have made the review the insightful and informative publication it has been:

R. Wayne Parsons, Tim Connor, John Haber, Elizabeth Barragan, Christopher Stromee, Dave Ortiz, John D. Roberts, Mohammad Chowdhury, Susanna Sloat, Susan Sermoneta, Chandra Glick, Lew Schwartz, Ajia Hunter, Deirdre E. Lawrence, Jill Conner, Angela Connor, Alfred Corn, Anita Giraldo, Kathleen Mahoney-Cobb, Andrea Ongaro, Angelica Petela, Larry Racioppo, Natalie Rahhal, Vicente Revilla, Jeremy Sailing, Susan Silvey and Adela Yawitz.

Don Burmeister
Founder and Executive Editor

All articles will remain online until December 31, 2016

and you can find them here: